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“I Am Brian Elliott” is the personal website of a digital marketing strategist who loves working with entrepreneurs who want to conquer the online marketing world.

And since you are here, I believe you are serious about making that impact that will make a big difference in the lives of you and your family.

However, any of the following may relate to you:

  • Lost not knowing the steps to take to bring you to success.
  • May not have enough time to do it yourself.
  • Need help to create an online marketing strategy around which to work.
  • Struggle to create content for social media.
  • Don’t know how to engage your customers online.
  • Want to find the right person you want to work with.

Well, something brought you to this site, and I believe I am the person you are looking for

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I create digital marketing strategies that connect with your target audience.

Through my digital agency, I provide 6 main services to help your business or brand grow their online presence.

  1. Website Design – Mobile responsive website design as the base from which to build your brand.
  2. Social Media Management – Managing and building your social media accounts to engage your visitors and convert them into customers.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Optimize your website through SEO to get search engines to give you high rankings in search results.
  4. Web Hosting – Fast Web Hosting service to house your website. 
  5. Video Marketing – Creating optimized, branded videos for YouTube and social media marketing purposes.
  6. Website Management – Update, secure and maintain your website so it performs to its full potential.

With all the strategies we have available, every business is unique in that what works for one will not work for all. 

As such, I treat every business as unique and through our FREE consultation session, I determine the needs of your business. 

In so doing, I ensure that you never pay for services that you do not need. 

Also, everyone has a different story, and so does every business. 

This is because no matter who you are and what you do, there is something unique about you, and that is your story. Guess what? People love stories!

Your story is therefore your biggest selling point and we take your story and tell it to the world while marketing you using our tried and proven marketing strategies.

So here's my story....

My name is Brian Elliott and I hail from a town in Trelawny parish, Jamaica called Falmouth. My marketing story began in 1987 when I graduated from college with a major in marketing. 

A year after, I started my own videocassette rental business. By 2012 that turned into a DVD business as well as a lotto (gambling) outlet.

During that time (2008), I heard about making money online, and I started learning how to do affiliate marketing. 

I made a decent income as an affiliate marketer, and over time, I had acquired much skills and know-how.

When I was called to service by the Most High, I decided I could not b e involved with gambling. As a result, I had to give up the lottery store.

I continued my affiliate marketing, but opted instead to create my own digital marketing agency. 


I scored big with my first few clients: turning a waiter into a full-time, really busy tour company owner, and helping to transform an eye-wear company into a local online giant. 

Which led me to decide to upgrade from my then home office into a spacious local digital agency office in Falmouth. This is the first digital agency in that town.

It is from this location at 8 Cornwall Street, that we help businesses worldwide to tell their stories, build their brands, thereby increasing leads and sales.

So that was my story. My marketing major, along with experience gained in the field, has now really helped me to give great service to my clients.

My desire to share knowledge means my customers get much value from the free info I provide in our strategy sessions. 

Contact me for a free consultation, or book a strategy call or coaching session.



8 Cornwall Street.
Falmouth, Trelawny,

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